Onslow County Comprehensive Plan

Background Research

Collect data, prepare maps, and interview stakeholders to better undertsand existing conditions in the County and trends for the Future.

Guiding Vision and Goals

Share background research with the public to help formulate a vision for Onslow County over the next 20 years.

Plan Implementation 

Review draft plan with County officials and the public before the final plan is adopted

Planning Process

Onslow County's Comprehensive Plan, Horizon 2040, will be developed over a 20 month period of time and include the following:

  • Project Kick-off and Listening Sessions (November 2022)
  • Planning Board Meeting #1 (December 2022)
  • Background Research (December 2022- February 2023)
  • Community Survey (January 2023-February 2023)
  • Public Input Meetings (March 2023)
  • Steering Committee Meeting (May 2023)
  • Draft Plan Preparation (June 2023-August 2023)
  • Sterring Committee Review of Draft Plan (September and October 2023)
  • Public Drop In Meetings to Review Draft Plan (November 2023) 
  • Final Draft presented to Planning Board (January 2024)
  • Plan Adoption (February-March 2024)